Belle oeuvre d’art.

Around us, everything  is a piece of art. Some pieces of art are pure joy to the eyes while some touch the soul and stay there forever.They never leave the mind and keep on inspiring us. 

Everyone see beauty in their own perspective. I find two colours most beautiful – black and white. I find these two colours very strong in their own realm . Together they create drama and a different kind of attraction to it. Used separately ,they can get along with any colour.  But together they pour soul into the design or in any piece of art. Lately I have been collecting art pieces in black and white and believe me when I say this, they are pure beauty when put together. So much so, I do my sketches monochromatic , no matter ,  how much effort and time I have to put in them to create what I want . 

Any piece of furniture drawn monochromatic with shading adds a different character to it . They speak a lot through their design and its detailing. Not only with furniture, Monochromatic set up with proper lighting ideas adds an oomph character on the whole. Adding them right and one is not overpowering othe is the key to pay attention to .  I am learning to master the art of using them appropriately and exploiting their potential, to their best. 

Will keep sharing my thoughts …

So long….

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interior designer, creative content writer, charcoal sketch artist...

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